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June 19, 2010



I had a busy day and it was difficult to find the siclnee back. Listening to Andrew speak slowly brought me back into the beauty of the retreat. What a difference, being unconscious' because of practical attention needed and than making that shift, getting a different sense of self, there is no connection between the one and the other.


I don't know . . . I found it kind of confusing the whole reropt, keeps talking about the 6 things over and over again for 32 pages! if you distilled out the repetition, it could've reduced the reropt to 5 or 6 pages and all this, without ever identifying WHAT the 6 things are just that you have to stop doing them! great!! and then, at the end nothing! No clue provided, as to where the find this Holy Grail from which to drink this Fearlessness it's the most bizarre thing I've ever encountered! Do you remember that stupid TV commercial from the 70 s or 80 s where's the beef??? that's exactly the thought that comes to mind . . . and btw, while we're ON the subject (that the reropt talks about, and others have mentioned here) of information overload well, take a look at the bottom of THIS page!! do you see those links?? Information OVERLOAD?? I didn't bother counting them for sure, but I'll bet there are at least two dozen, right there! Anyway . . . all in all, a pretty exhausting (due to the endless repetition & length of the reropt) frustrating, disappointing, and not least! puzzling, experience . . .

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