May 06, 2008


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I am currently cutting back in what i eat and running a mile a day, and with not
alot of results. I was hoping to maximize my results with a diet pill,.
does anyone know of some really good ones that actually help
and work?.


Some young friends of mine are going to East Africa next month to help in the ruefgee camps. In those camps hundreds of children and adults are dying from starvation and from the results of malnutrition, why dont you join them?. If you do, I guarantee you will never overeat again and you will never need to take another pill. For your information, the only people that derive any benefit from diet pills and other weight loss concoctions, are the companies that make them and the people that sell them.You tell us that you have taken a lot of them in the past, and you are still a great fat lump, so what does that tell you?


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Nice blog!! and interesting story above..

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