May 29, 2008



Monk, you're an uneducated boob. They invtened algebra, geometry and modern medicine. Did you even bother to research this question?Your nation has been meddling in the affairs of others for a long time, which resulted in the attacks of September 11. If your government hadn't been causing problems in foreign lands, September 11 would not have happened. Look to U.S. foreign policy if you want to blame the actual cause for the deaths.Try this: read and learn. Then travel. You'll find the world a much more rich and amazing place, and you'll have less time to harbor grudges against populations of people - the majority of which have never done anything to you.

steve chandler

I wanted to write about Powerful Graceful Success as opposed to Powerful Neurotic Success, or Powerful Pushy Success, or even Powerful Destroy My Family in the Name of Ego and Greed Success, all bestsellers in their own right.

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