May 20, 2008



I think a little bit dieefrfnt.1. He won't use a Leica or any camera that requires any form of skill, because he needs a maximum of simplicity like in a point-and-shoot camera or an iPhone.2. He could be a fashion photographer, yeah well, but in my opinion, Mac Computers changed their appearance only slightly in the last years, same goes for all that other iStuff. But as he seems to like things made of glass and metal, he'd probably be into architecture3. He'd probably work with only one model. Or no model at all and claim it's a feature of his style of photography.4. He'd use some of these typical apple themes from iWork or iPhoto as a background I guess 5. He would maybe have 1 (!!!) style that is dieefrfnt from the rest. He'd try to keep things simple (even here). I do like apple products and their computers very much, but all of their products look the same 6. Aperture (and Lightroom) is already there, so there's no need to produce any more product lines of this type of softwareIn the end his pictures will look like total crap, but apple fanboys will buy them for a shitload of money because he'll sell his lack of experience and the resulting special shooting style as a feature (like on iPhone and iPad and Flash )

steve chandler

Sanjin....thanks for the comment. I do enjoy mixing the secular world up.

Julie Blake


It's so true, nothing outside of ourselves can truly make us happy... that only happens by looking inside and knowing yourself and connecting to spirit (who we really are). Thanks for having the courage to tell it like it is.

Sanjin Vukojevic

Dear Steve,

thank you for this post - it's great that you decided not to listen to the "secular" advice... ;-)
Actually, I would say that spirituality is what your whole opus is about, and there's no doubt that an intelligent reader could get mixed up! :-)

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