July 10, 2008



One extra benefit came wihtin a few weeks of joining Powercore. With the training I got at the Infominute seminar and the practice from delivering one each week. I was able to create stories versus data. Pictures versus numbers. So when a prospect told me that their benefit plans were not causing any problems I could say neither were John’s, he is a CFO at a 45 person PR firm. He told me he liked having all his benefits, payroll, HR, and 40Ik bundled into one package and having one point person. I agreed I showed him how I could be the point person and bring in the Payroll, the 401K and the HR consultant from my Powercore team. And yes he would write 4 checks a month instead of 1, but those 4 checks would represent $50,000 of savings in just the first year. He has been with me now for 3 years and that $150,000 of savings earns me a spot on his speed dial.Steve CannonHealth Insurance and Beyond404-575-1076

Michelle Bauman


I always enjoy your ALL your writting and this post is no exception. I am inspired by the way you talk about cultivating referrals - but I have a question. As I coach, I experience the coaching relationship as incrediably private, confidential and sacred. I feel like the fact that someone has retained me as a coach AND the quality of the work we do together is confidential. My client may not want me to share that he has retained me as a coach. Similar, he may not want his or her progress reported to the person who referred him to me. This information feels like it's not mine to share. I am also an attorney and as I'm sure you know - attorneys are bound by very strict professional codes of conduct around client confidentiality - so perhaps I'm overly sensitive to issues of confidentiality - but I'd love to know your thoughts on this question.

Thanks for All,


Nick Payne


You are right on target about how referrals work. Interestingly the one business I always refer is my Dentist. He does a great job, has great staff, follows up with a thank you note after every visit, and every time I go he fills me in on all the people I've referred to him.


Nancy Bishop

I love your analogy of the fly hitting the glass pane. They even do this when there is a crack in the window. Rather than fly out the open window they will keep bouncing off of it. Maybe the fly is hoping if it just tries hard enough it will make a way out. Steve, your words are a great reminder about being present in our lives and tending to what is right in front of us rather than buzzing around aimlessly.
I will put this into practice personally and professionally. Thank you.


Excellent post Steve. I always learn something from your writings. Which book of your's would you recommend reading first OR is it based on my needs?


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