August 20, 2008



kamal valeranice me din me 1 bar jaru hiediznn jarur dekh leta hu me apane sare friends ko bhi kahta hu ki jaror dekhe aap se 1 gujarish he ki aap osho ke bare me kuch kahe

Tom Wall

Steve, your style of writing has a soothing flow to it.....to paraphrase Norman Maclean ..."A River Of Meaning Runs Through It"...living one's full human potential is indeed a process and not a belief. It is beyond belief.

Including the power called God in your life is a tool that works wonders. Committment, imagination, and follow through open many doors.

Thank you for your insights.

Vaughn Nystrom

Steve... What does it mean that Katie's philosophy is a process and not a belief? Can we really ever escape belief? She likes to play with it by showing that one belief is as true as another, bursting the bubbles of both. But isn't that a belief, too? Does she believe in The Work? It's turtles all the way down.

Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

"It's not "in the now" or in the past or in the future, because with commitment, there is no time. That's why tenses are meaningless in the face of a commitment.
So is time meaningless."

This observation is so meaningful to me because it demonstrates that commitment either is or is not. I've stumbled this article. Thank you.

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