October 14, 2008


Robin Amos Kahn

Oh, I cannot wait to read your book about Jane Austen. A dear friend of mine, a director, gave me the complete works of Jane Austen over thirty years ago and I read every book several times. There is, as you say, "no one like Jane." It's amazing that her work remains so relevant and engaging. I love that you read her books! And I love your books! You and Jane have both changed my life.

Louis Vuitton Cosmic Blossom

Eventually atmospheric drag removes them from orbit by lowering their altitudes until they burn up on reentry into the dense lower atmosphere.

Vic Sanborn

I hope we didn't spoil too much of what happened in your book, but I must admit that Laurel Ann and I had a blast reviewing it. Congratulations on having it displayed in Chawton Cottage. What an accolade!

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