October 05, 2008



Exactly right. This is Obama's Last Stand. Unless Obama wins the next one. Then he's the Comeback Kid! No matter what, this cucaus absolutely seals his fate until the next primary. And the same goes for everybody else.Hire me, cable news!

Tom Wall

Thank you again for your blog posts. I promote your work everywhere I can make a post.

It is so obvious that everyone needs these insights and positivity - now more than ever.

Since many people, young and old, who need coaching either don't know how to find help, or can't afford a professional coach, it is important that we reach out and help one another.

Take a breath and see what's right with your world and re-direct attention toward the beauty and the possibilities that are always around us.

Go beyond "positive thinking" and see for oneself that all possible possibilities exist simultaneously. Which one we choose is entirely up to each one of us. First see there is a choice - then consciously choose the one that will produce the result we want in our life. Do this every day at each one of the crossroads we arrive at moment to moment.

As the song goes: "row, row, row your boat gently down the stream - merrily,merrily,merrily - life is but a dream"

Choosing to live the dream conscioulsy and refusing to live constantly reacting to a a dream, or nightmare, imposed upon us by others who feed off of fear,is the key.

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