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October 28, 2008



Maybe I've been wrong on this but I always felt that as a cemsunor, Apple's tight control benefited me. I assumed that making things difficult for third-party developers was a way to ensure a certain level of quality control and ease of use for any software that ran on its computers. The fact that it's a closed system is meaningless to me. I don't think I need to open it for anything.

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Annette Leal Mattern

I was the fortunate speaker who followed your presentation at What If You Loved Exercise program. It was fantastic to hear you again after 10+ years! After all that time, the tools you gave me in your Owner/Victim seminar still ring true. They have helped me in so many of life's surprises. I made a conscious choice NOT to be a victim of cancer but to OWN my life - cancer and all. It has given me the power to create a wonderful and happy life, inspite of the challenges . . . or maybe because of them. Thank you, again and again. Annette

Jeff mcCombs, DC

Jack Lalane also said, "Exercise is King and Nutrition is Queen, put them together and you have a Kingdom." How very true.

Jon Ford


What a great event. Everyone deserves to learn the truth about exercise. How ironic it is that people can't find the motivation to love exercise, yet anyone who does regularly DOES love it!

Nancy Howe, M.S.

Steve, I had no idea that Jack Lalanne said he "hates" exercise. It is something to explore, this kind of "hate," because I recall that in his shows, he was constantly encouraging, always smiling, and I certainly don't think of LaLanne (or his results!!) as phoney. I think he was trying to get at the idea of process that you discussed in your previous blog. I wonder if you will comment on that at the "What If You Loved Exercise?" talk. By the way, please let everyone know that this exceptional opportunity to hear you is FREE! Space is limited though, so people need to RSVP quickly.

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