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October 29, 2008


Andria Hiselman

Hi Steve,
My name is Andria. I lived in Michigan for 17 years as you have lived there as well. I just lost 3 homes and my husband lost his job at Ford. We had to re-locate to a family home in my home state in California. So we can survive. I came across your book 17 lies that are holding you back. I could not put it down till I was done reading it. Thank you for helping other's help themselves. I've have been through so much I was in shock and the idea of re-invention of myself and husband has been on my mind. Thank you for the words I needed to read to "get on with my plan". I will no longer crawl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep. I can't wait to read another one of your inspirational books.


Steve Chandler


Yes there is an alternative...email me at [email protected].

Steve Chandler


Hi Steve,

Loveyour blog and read read a number of your books including "Story of You" and "100 Ways to Create Wealth." Good stuff.

I would love to get involved in a mastermind as I am starting a new business concept but cost is an issue (helping to put my wife through nursing school)

Are there any other alternatives?




Just to give you a guideline (something I've stumbled upon yesterday) for your intensive workshop... Jerzy Kosinski, in an interview, said that for him there was only one game in town: "How close can I get to another person, without anybody getting hurt?"

Regards from Croatia!

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