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December 31, 2008



jabotanner Ford is the best car Company!!! Their not gov't (OBAMA MOTORS) Motors like chevy & Dodge!!!! Buy American and you will win every time.... They started and foedund car making and they are still getting better.....Look at Toyota what a joke.... recall after recall.... They claim to be the best and 100,000+ cars have brake problems and other malfunctions that are just now coming out.... Build stuff overseas and you get you parts and supplies that are not worth nothing because they pay their employees oversees a few dollars daily so it dosent give them invcentive to build better products like ford does.... Yes Ford sells and makes cars overseas but you do not see poor quality parts or staggering recalls but they are getting better everyday.... Ya should be proud to drive a FORD!!!! Henry Ford started this business and every car buyer should driving the damn best vehicle on the market today!!!!! Just look at the new Ford Taurus, Fusion, mustang etc.... 30+ miles per gallon.... WOW!!!!! I love America.... thanks for reading this...... god bless the USA!!!! April 29 2011 at 5:02 PM rate up rate down

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