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December 06, 2008



Thank you for pointing this out. I'm on Erin's side of this. And in fact I am FB frdiens with Erin and not with Steve.Something that absolutely galls me, that I see a lot is that Erin's name is being dragged through the mud even by Steve's detractors.This is what happens when you are or have been married to a narcissist. The very best thing that could ever happen to her is if she were able to dissociate herself from this man, somehow, but I don't know how that will happen.I'm not at all convinced Steve's all that concerned with the children, except as an extension of himself. I know many, many involved, loving fathers and they mention their children in their FB status updates and in their blogs. Steve hardly ever mentions his children's existence and I'd be hard pressed to even know he had any if I'd only just started reading. His family is a mere afterthought.Ask me how I know all of this since obviously I'm not at all acquainted with Steve, personally. Known too many narcissists in my time.


As a successful flrceanee graphic designer, I am familiar with your site and your cause. Both are a cauldron of misery. You bash designers for choosing to do spec work. You bash companies for asking for spec work. What happened to freedom of choice? What happened to mind your own business? Instead of mining for stories of negativity, why not show people how to be profitable flrceaneers? Or would that just be too positive?


It makes me feel really old, but I read these arelicts when they first appeared in Guitar Player. Vai is mad as a brush but he's never been about how to play the pentatonic really really fast


Carl, how do you hire a dentist? Oncologist? Accountant?A qeiotusn for the would-be contest holder: If you were not allowed to utilize crowdspring unless you agreed to earn a living by the same terms as set forth between you and crowdspring designers, how would that affect your decision to hold a contest (not to mention the effect on your revenue, salary and lifestyle)? Would you be willing to work on spec, and would you should you be lucky enough to win a contest accept deflated fees? If not, shame on you.e2€œGive me unlimited choices until I find one I likee2€9d is not the best process for choosing a logo or anything else. Of course that approach is cost prohibitive in the real world! Customers can ill afford to pay a designer to accommodate their own indecision. How will a customer know when to choose? There may be more than one e2€œrighte2€9d answer. Is ego the best judge?According to graphic design icon Paula Scher, e2€œIf the design presented is simple and contains a limited amount of information and imagery there are likely to be far more amendments and revisions. [Customers tend to] amend it until all of the interest and joy are removed or until they run out of time.e2€9dScher also tells this story, e2€œWhen a client once tried to persuade me to cut my fee on a e2€œsimplee2€9d job, I told him I needed the money to pay for all of the revisions he was going to make. He insisted that there would be few revisions. I offered him a deal: the design would be free, but every revision made e2€“ no matter how minor e2€“ would cost a thousand dollars. He refused the deal.e2€9dGood design is not entirely subjective. There are very many objective criteria that determine the success of a companye2€™s identification project. The best approach is a team effort working from an agreed criteria, driven by the client and guided by the designer. The idea that e2€œmy opinion is as good as yourse2€9d (design is purely subjective) is a pervasive fundamental misconception and puts the designer at odds with the client rather than on the same team.Design contests depend upon that misconception. Promoting the idea that e2€œdesign is only a matter of tastee2€9d devalues the profession of design by saying, e2€œYour education, talent, skill, time spent, experience and investment in computer, fonts, design, illustration, and file compression software, books, internet service are worthless to me. So I will request work on my behalf from people I have no intention of paying. I am going to pay one person, who works hard to be the best, a deflated fee. Or, I may just review the work and pay no one.e2€9dAs many e2€œcontest holderse2€9d think design contests are a great deal for them a word of caution. Presumably contest holders use this website to save money. If e2€œcheape2€9d is your overriding purpose and primary objective: Do you have any idea how much it will cost to reproduce the designs on letterhead or other applications? If you plan to e2€œsave moneye2€9d and design your own, and print it on your inkjet printer: Do you know how much toner you will eat up doing that? Do you know what you can afford to spend on revising your logo artwork each time you use it for a different purpose? Do you realize your production costs may be large due to lack of foresight in planning? A good professional would sort that out for you on the front end.


Chandler, I love reading your blogs and I think this is going to be a wnoferdul thing for you! You're very entertaining even on paper aka the internet. I hope you continue to blog as much as you can and I have so much faith in you, that you will get to where you want to be. I love you!


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