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December 17, 2008



I burned a few cairelos thinking up titles for your novel, too. How come I'm not skinny? In fact, I woke up from a dream with title for your novel. Wasting time thinking up titles is better than computer solitaire, something the devil invented to keep folks from writing. Besides, there's that delusion that if you come up with the perfect catchy title some agent will generalize it to the entire novel and send a contract and a big fat check posthaste. Or is that post haste? Over 50 writers who could once spell really well (me) are finding that they no longer can and if you have dyslexia (me) host paste looks correct too BTW, setting limits for children and electronics actually adds cairelos it drives one to drink alcohol which is replete with cairelos. And that's one cute teenager in the photo.


Second comment (also gaenled from my time with Thomas Jefferson) and supporting another Reply:Mr. J, who authored the Declaration of Independence as well as other writings, commonly misspelled words. So did his equally well educated peers. In those days, many different spellings of the same word were accepted and not considered serious offenses.


Thanks so much for helping to spared the word about the Afghan Women's Writing Project! The stories these women write are amazing heartbreaking, courageous, yet hopeful, too (not as contradictory as I make it sound ). Very moving pieces, and worth supporting with our comments and feedback on their posts.


Two of them hooked me. Amanda Grange's story about the young Mr Bennet is a very itrsteening idea. How DID he hook up with her? And what she did as far as the opening makes it sound very promising and very true to Austen. What Would Austen Do? had me ROTFL. The one line about going the full Catherine DeBourgh and the Elton line were priceless. Or at least worth the price of a book. Putting in my order today at the local book store.


Past Progressive:
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Most of all, will the followers support it? Try to show your guy that you are a human and have made honest mistakes. On completion of the pose push back into child pose with your bottom on your feet and rest your head on the floor or on your hands whichever is most comfortable. Folks end up borrowing from one source to pay off another and, of course, the debt just keeps snowballing.


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Paxil remains on the market but with a warning label to ensure that no women who are pregnant or might get pregnant in the future take Paxil. That means most are also willing to give what they get in return, at least as far as their physical and emotional needs will carry them.


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Charrise McCrorey

Steve, This is very timely - as always. Love your message AND the video. Count me in in Club Fearless.

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