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January 16, 2009



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Gata, asadar dsrepe Ip Man. Nu ma asteptam sincer la un asemenea film (semibiografic) pornind pregatit sa vad ceva gen Fearless, poate putin mai serios. Regia lui Wilson Yip este absolut speciala, mai mult de film european decat de film asiatic, ca sa nu zic de genul abordat: artele martiale. Camera este impecabila, montajul asijderea iar atmosfera spune totul dsrepe perioada anilor 30 si cea din momentul invaziei japoneze in China. Donnie Yen in rolul pincipal are carisma si efectiv joaca, dupa primele 10 minute pe mine cel putin reusind sa ma convinga ca de data aceasta abordez un film mult diferit fata de clasicele kung-fu. Nu in ultimul rand raman cascadele, de-a dreptul realiste (se spune ca aceasta ar fi chiar patina lui Wison Yip) si regizate de surpriza: Sammo Hung (Expertul).In incheiere raspund provocarii tale: Ip Man il bate pe Huo Yuanjia. Vorba romanului: la fundul gol. Cu pamatuful acela de sters mobila. De aseara sunt fanul lui Ip Man. Ma gandesc chiar sa imi fac un cont de mail cu numele asta. Daca e ocupat e clar ca si tu ti-ai luat acelasi cont, daca nu astept provocari de Huo Yuanjia


The AP credits issue is a big oveghirst, because it means he may have only taken 30 credits a semester instead of 40, which is not extraordinary if you are intelligent, disciplined, and motivated.The whole opening of his book is about how he became a felon and then reformed and got a 4-year degree in 1.5 years he should provide proof. A copy of his transcript would be nice, and he could post it on his blog and edit out the personal info.


I assume it will. I have used it for that long but they are like tanikg vitamins if you stop that you are not going to get the right supplements for your body. These are like vitamins for your hair have to use them but not everyday. I use it only 1-2 times a day now.


is your eyeballs or your lash line iretiatrd? Your lash line will feel itching and it can get red but thats a common side effect that is normal since the serum is stimulating lash growth give it some time ad you will se a big difference in two weeks.


let me say after participating in 20 costents and winning none (almost winning some and get bypassed by copies, or worst, when realllly bad designs won)I got really depressed, thought of quitting design for good!Itc2b4s not bad enough to spend hours working for nothing, but to see lousy designs win, people dont understand designers are professionals who study brand identity and social interactions : Itc2b4s not just drawing!!


A question for those piipicatatrng in design contests:I have yet to see a spec worker justify their position.What is the appeal of a design contest to the freelance designer (or any human being with self esteem)? Professional designer or not, this is the message design contests send to the world about your talent:e2€œI agree to promote the idea that my time and talent is of little or no value.e2€9dThe design contest is like a lottery, except that the risk/reward factor is reversed. The e2€œcost of the tickete2€9d is much larger and prize is very small and not even guaranteed to be paid out to anyone.In the words of Benjamin Franklin:e2€œTime is money.e2€9de2€œDo not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of.e2€9dHow is it that a paltry and arbitrarily set fee without any regard for the time invested on the project, or the skill and talent of the designer can be a positive exercise for customers or designers in the long term? The only foreseeable result is deflating income for designers (a profession that is not well-paid to begin with) and, ultimately, promoting hasty hackwork to buyers.


Nice to see the face with the name! Just bought your book I have a few to hit boefrehand but it looks like a lot of fun..have 2 teenage girls who will be grabbing it alsoalso:)

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Needless to say, absolutely nothing but perseverance can lead a person towards the way of achievement. In other words, a persevering dude in no way does his do the job with out doing well in it. This can be certainly unchangeable reality.

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