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February 04, 2009



Yay! I love you, your positive atutitde and your adorable blog. And brussels sprouts so we'll have to disagree there.Can't wait to follow all your fun adventures on panama and pine.And I'm with Laura_gotta love that second, sarcastic moving announcement.Love,K


I think Gary Sinise should be hired to play Stu again in The Stand. A week in and I'm still enyjniog writing my new blog. That's good, right? I still need to read your book though. It's on my iPhone Kindle App, I just need to make the time. When did unicorns become so popular?


Please introduce us / the fans to Ben Davies (the actor) we have been incudorted to all of the police officers except Ben and his character. Thank you for serving our King in the way you do. God bless you and the film.


I totally agree to these 12 tips, expcet one:This is in regard to tip #1 where it's told only to pick one resolution.Basicly I agree doing one thing after the other.From my own experience, I look at my personal life and see different areas like health, family, finances, social life, nature etc.And I think it's a very good idea to have ONE single resolution for the different areas.Maybe it makes sense to start with one at the beginning of the year and start with another in March and so forth.I was amazed how much impact this point of view had on my life! It's a matter of taking all areas into account, get them in balance and you will rock your life!And I am happy to share my success secret:Take action NOW, cause without action there will be no results.


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Steve Chandler

thanks, Mike

I agree that you are not an ostrich! To consciously select and choose what you watch and read is TAKING BACK your power and not subjecting your emotions to the hysterics in the media.....yes the economy is taking a corrective hot, but your personal economy can actually get stronger and more imaginative and more AWAKE during these times. Thanks for not caving in.


Mike D

Great comments Steve. One of the things I enjoy most about your books and your blog is your ability to get us to change our perspective and perceptions about our lives. I certainly don't think of myself as an ostrich when I honestly believe that things WILL get better but I am now making a consciencious choice to avoid watching too much of the news or listening to the talking heads. I'd rather focus on what is good.

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