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April 15, 2009



Yeah, I shared the link, and here's the renpsose I got: Actually, She wanted to have a child, but her parents didn't approve of her relationship with a Serbian man. She went to California to have the baby in defiance of her parents' wishes. It's the story of a woman that didn't care about the moral status quo of the day and not of a woman that hedged hummed and debated whether or not she should have a kid. She went to California to keep the child's birth a secret from her parents and boyfriend, not because she was ashamed of it or decided that abortion wasn't a choice. If she could afford to fly to California for such a trip on a whim, I highly doubt she didn't have the resources to care for a child.Fun extra fact: Jobs' adoptive parents divorced while he was in their care.Use real stories of real people that actually defied the odds to have a child and put them up for adoption instead of latching onto the stories of famous people and framing them as if they shouldn't have made it. Not only does it show that people are choosing what they consider a morally superior option, but it also protects these little posts from being torn apart by the truth and dismissed as a conservative movement to impose their morals on those that don't share their beliefs I agree with him There's no point in distorting famous people's stories to suit our own interests. It's dishonest and counterproductive.

Cheap Red Wing

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I came across this post from a google entry I typed "van gogh silence quote". I'm glad I found this post... I read through it all and decided its just what I need to get a kick start in my life. I'm always trying to create, but am always doing something small, and am never doing the impossible, to make it possible. Another thing, never had much enthusiasm, which is something I most definitely need. Thanks for this post, peace be with you buddy.


This is the most insightful and actionable advice for creating artistic success that I've ever read. Thank you very much for this excellent post.

Steve Chandler

Thank you Richard. Yourcomment made me run out and look in my driveway. Still no Mercedes. Maybe I'll take some action today.

Steve Chandler

Richard Ingate

Thank you for a really 'penny dropping' post. I read it and realised why I don't like the Law of Attraction/Secret. It is because it encourages people to wish and hope and wait on the sofa for the Mercedes to turn up on the driveway.

best wishes,


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