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April 28, 2009



I prefer the .net and .com ones. But if cogesedotiyns.com is already taken, it might be problematic to buy a domain that's close: there's a good chance that you could lose customers who type in the wrong address, especially since they do web apps. I dunno how important branding is to you at this stage, but it's something to think about snailbirddesigns.com would be nice because it combines a recognizable web presence with the design' element that's what I would go with.


um hey i swa ur vid and i get it and all but i couldnt hear well how do you add text at the back of the card and how would u print it out wdlouont it just be a piece of paper tht u like typed on could you msg me back please thanks man. =)

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One thing that confuses me about this video and related comments is the suggestion that the audience is 'pre-empting' the pentatonic scale. While they certainly do pre-empt the major third, which is fascinating in itself (and i suspect there are myriad theories as to why this happens, both cultural and physical), all other notes in the pentatonic scale are introduced by Bobby first, before the audience sings them. Therefore, the audience is merely replicating the notes on demand, and in different octave registers, so I fail to see how this demonstration shows the "deep connection between the pentatonic scale and the human brain"

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