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August 16, 2009



I had some of the same thoughts April but the idea is that the glcosue in the syrup gives your body just enough to not go into starvation mode. It's not a diet so it's not designed to make you lose weight. It's purpose is to cleanse your colon and intestinal walls.I was definitely cleansed even though I only lasted two days. Would I do it again? Probably not


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Very inspirational about the lemonade story. It makes me want to SHOUT like the british singer lulu sings, shout about my creations, my art, my lemonade. It's were I've been resisting, scared of the no's, instead of collecting them and asking potential outlets.
Also very true about the audio write up, at least for me, when I get a song in my head and it stays there for example, the same with great audio books.

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