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August 07, 2009



Katrina Posted on ok, Im gonna join you fellow bmf and put my nmruebs up. Well I only know one number and that's 212. We have a competition at school and I will get my other measurements on Friday. Thanks for the motivation.


Tameka Tallie Posted on Go ahead cousin! Do your thang! I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work. I've been hiittng the gym lately 5 days a week, 3 days I do an hour cardio and burn anywhere from 870-1000 calories. The other 2 days I do 30 minutes. Now its time that I go back to strength training. It really makes a BIG difference. Cardio and strength training (along with healthy eating habits..which is VITAL)go hand-in-hand. I enjoy all of your posts!


that uses more water than a full dishwasher. It's a never ennidg debate and I mostly cave in so as not to upset things (after all she does let me have worms for compost in the house). But I do have a master plan which is getting our water use way down. For years I have been focusing on food, waste, and energy while ignoring water. Now I am starting to do all sorts of crazy things with water. Like I keep a large jug next to the sink for the used water. I use that to water the plants and need no virgin water for them. Then there is turning of the water mid-shower to soap up. Yeah im pretty crazy too!Steve

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I sat there wide-eyed with my jaw on the ground not being able to tear myself away to try and get ready for work. I couldn't even fathom what was happening or why. All I knew was that a plane flew into the tower. I didn't know details.

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All sentences are about a little something or another person. The a little something or anyone that the sentence is about is called the topic on the sentence. From your blog, I see that, and study a thing I'd like. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Beth! Our goal is to complete an entire novel, I guess you could say the tidbits we are posting are excerpts. I am mostly interested in people's opinions,critiques about our posts right now, kind of testing the waters with our ideas and learning.

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Good stuff, It might just work, although it seems easier when you have a plan.
Anyway, meself felt it was about time meself posted


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