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September 23, 2009



+ For other people the kwyoerd you used are "Looks like"! Looks like to us like pic #1 but probably feel like pic #2 for them as well =) At least thats what I make up ahah


iPad looks cool. But I already got my iPhone! I love my iPhone! Why would I trade it for an iPad? Iphone is salmler. It fits in the palm of my hands! iPad doesn't have a USB plug thingy where I can plug in my phone. iPad still looks cool.


Dear David,I just visited your site for the first time. I can't beivele how much time has passed. When I see you now (oct 2009) I see that same face I saw at the Newman Center with the sparkling personality and the ability to make friends with anyone!! To me, you haven't changed at all Burbs.However, it was amazing to browse through those photos and remember being there!! That Christmas card from Trinity! Ha! I still have that somewhere in my closet. I remember Michelle. She was so nice. I will try to dig out some old photos of whatever we've done in the past and share them with you so you can post them here. Like I mentioned before, you are a great friend and a lucky human being.Keep up the good work. Peace! Jaim-o

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