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September 15, 2009



so de lembrar q eu ja teve dia q eu erecsvia mais de 10 artigos sobre a Apple e tdo c mt inspiracao nele!So de lembrar eu mandado email pra ele pra diminuir os precos no Brasil e no final tds viveram felizes para sempre! Sempre estarei ctg!Dear Tio Steve!


Christine, You are right. If there is only 1 or 2 in a household, the d/w selodm is loaded to capacity. When I notice that my husband is ready to run the d/w and it isn't full or as full as I like it, I grab things to toss in there like the drip pans to the stove, some of my kitchen crocks, and our glass coasters from the living room. This saves time and water when I clean these other rooms since they were already dusted', so to speak. I've put all kinds of things in there to fill it up like the glass globes from our ceiling fan (they are sturdy), the s and p shakers and more.

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