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October 06, 2009



Agreed. Ha ha let them live under Kim, see whether he'd let them prtoest so loudly. And such a disorganised display too, surely they could have found a way to choreograph it better, using a cast of thousands each holding up double sided placards with Du kann inte har en bil on one side and a picture of Dubya being eaten by running dog-vultures on the other.Paper tigers, the lot of them.Note there is no way you could have taken that vid with an iPhone, clunky as your N95 s GNU might be.


Actually the rogue programmer would NOT be a Spinozist in my eyes. As the blog makes clear, Iraq is, tnlceihacly, a democracy. Whether it is a good democracy, or one that will persist, is a completely different matter.Spinoza wants us to view the world as it is, not as we imagine it. He also spends a lot of time on definitional accuracy.Moreover, I cannot think of a company less stuffed with Spinozists than AAPL. Its failed megalomaniacal, monopolistic tendencies, its refusal to share/license (unlike blessed Microsoft), its overweening arrogance, all these things smack of a bunch of Stupid Cartesians.I do not think many companies have Spinozist tendencies. But the short list of tech companies that do include Nokia and TomTom. Optical telecoms equipment companies like Ciena or ADVA are also Spinozist, but only insofar as optics was a pursuit of Spinoza himself. Did you get your N95 yet? They are out in the UK at least.


Yes, in the nonexistent, i.e. imbpssiole, universal morality point of our view, their laws are barbaric when compared to our laws. Baruch, you are not Iranian. You are not positioned to pass judgment on the laws that 65 million Iranians have accepted. Please, don't take issue with this word accepted . Laws can not please everyone and freedom fighters/terrorists will be jailed or worse until the collective will of the people overturns the regime. You are positioned to evaluate your local laws and how the elected representatives are upholding your value system. The US perpetrates and suffers its own crimes against universal morality. Look in the mirror and cast not the first stone. Its too easy to find fault with others choose the more difficult task of seeking out these faults within your own. Bento, UDHR is a wonderful 60 year old piece of paper (like all laws). Iran went though a cultural revolution in the early '80 s and became an Islamic caliphate. That would explain why this UDHR is not relevant or applicable in their eyes. If you take the time to discover the number and type of UN resolutions the USA has vetoed, you would direct your UDHR upholding efforts at the US, not Iran. The US has directly or indirectly been involved in supporting more torture, destruction and killing, than Iran. I believe that US citizens (and all humans) are intrinsically good. If we, the people, start to use our voices (or blogs) not for cheering for the home team , (which is really easy!), but for changing the rule book from that of self-interest to a more enlightened form of govenance, based on respect for self-determination and diversity, we may affect that which we are entitled to affect our own behavior.I realize this is counter to what one may call the human condition , but a worthy cause and exercise non-the-less. What is the point of having countless baby-kissing, barbarian bashing blogs?! Think about the relative view and enlighten, or at least intellectually challenge, those around you who are ignorant of it. Otherwise, we start to believe our own propaganda

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