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December 14, 2009



Steve Jobs definitely cganhed the world or at least influenced the changes. I was an Atari person in the beginning, but we know where Atari ended up. I used a Mac on the job for several years in the early 90 s, but did go that direction at home because Apple products were so expensive compared to MS Windows machines.Honestly, I never experienced the frustration with Windows so many others did. Maybe I just have a high threshold for pain. That and I learned how to fix my own problems.But I have a confession to make. Two weeks ago I went to the dark side and bought an iPad. I actually bought an HP Touchpad first (since iwork for HP), but two days after it was delivered HP made the announcement they were stopping production. The day after THAT announcement I shipped it back and got the iPad.Great post, Ferd. You brought back a lot of memories of my computing history. I even remember taking 30-40 minutes to download a 64k photograph using a 2400 baud modem.

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