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January 04, 2010


Steve Chandler


Thanks for your comments. I am well aware of General Patton's imperfections, and, because of you, now more aware of mine.

I appreciate your pointing this out.

And thanks for the kind words as well.

your student,



Hi Steve,

I have to say, I'm a big fan of your work and have seen the benefits from some of your philosophy in my own life.

But I must point out that you often use horrific people for examples and I think you should think twice.
Do you even know who George S. Patton was? Even a quick glance at his Wikipedia page reveals he was complete trash, being quoted as having said such things as:
"I have no particular desire to understand them (the Russian) except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them. In addition to his other amiable characteristics, the Russian has no regard for human life and they are all out sons-of-bitches, barbarians, and chronic drunks"

He was well known to be a blatant racist towards the black community and was severely reprimanded by the United States Military on multiple occasions for abuse of his own men.

If it wasn't for his finding his niche in war-time he would have probably been a murderer on the streets of California.

I enjoy reading your blog and books but this is not the first time I have noticed you referencing people who were scum in reality.

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