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January 11, 2010



Thank you for sharing this, Chuck! Although I only had the privelige of working with Jimmy for one week, over a few days, his friendliness quickly had us diving into deep discussions. He was thoughtful in how he exhorted people, too. In fact, he came up to me after one of my sessions and offered the most empowering encouragement I received during the entire week. His conversations and encouragement seemed to be driven by such a genuine love for others! Looking forward to being challenged by future posts!


teaching. I asked What do you teach , he looked into my eyes anrwseed without hesitation love, true love . I was surprised, couldn't utter a word for more than 2 seconds That confidence, that humility and that uniqueness can be found no where else, but in Jimmy Brazell. Praise the Lord for creating him! And yes, he said My name is Jimmy, what is your name? This is so him, I still remember his face and eyes what he was saying it. Thank you Mr. Brazell for this blog, I await to be inspired more and more.


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