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February 08, 2010



Back when I was in college, my fish tank aecndcitally leaked unto my roommate's notebooks. I thought he would be mad at me. He wasn't which surprised me so I asked why. He told me, Kevin, we all are born to die. He felt there was no reason to get mad over small things, his notebooks would dry. Of course, the fish tank was removed a day later. :-)Sometimes it is good to be pragmatic when thinking about life []

Jonathan Keyser

Great blog Steve. It is a good reminder to live to one's fullest and not be diverted from one's true destiny by trying to please others and live up to other people's expectations.

Thanks for all you do.

ashok narayan

i relate my life to winning the approval of other people,yes its a pathetic act due to circumstances, there is no end ,so I,kept reacting to other people's opinions,
your books are helping ME, to seek my answer from my creator, who has created me to create my future, I AM BORN TO CREATE,

Liza Romero

Your thoughts are, once again, absolutely inspiring, truthful, compelling, and appreciated!!!

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