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February 02, 2010



The latest round of rasogtretiin starts October 3 and ends in early December. results start going out about 2 months later. there's no absolute set date on that. by the way, they only send winning notifications out and they don't send all those at once. with millions of entries, it's too much to contact everyone, beyond the winners. If they did that, they'd have to start charging for entries. Was this answer helpful?

Tony Shoffner

Very powerful, Steve.

Thanks for sharing.

Your friend,



People see winning the lottery as an incredibly rare and enviable bit of luck.

But the chance of each of us having being born is so small it can't be grasped by the human mind. A specific sperm and a specific egg were required for the genetic combination that created you. These in turn came from your parents, who each had to have been created by the same lucky process to have been able to produce the sperm and egg that became you. Each of these events is much less likely than winning a lottery. Oh, and you're on the winning end of a string of these wins stretching back to the beginning of life, some billions of years ago.

We've already won the grand prize and have all that we need to be happy.


you are right one thing i have not read till now is a success story of a lottery winner,expanding and growing rich,
nor leaving a legacy to his next generation,
it looks like a universal plot to deceive or dupe the lazy day dreamers,
its as good as winning in gambling.race horse or any easy money, the post winning of money may not go to right cause,
that's why money is not productively expanding, it can be compared to corruption,
taking salaries without proper work/efforts
,probably a scientific study has to be made on the lottery winner and a book titled,
lottery was us strategy can be written by chandler,
infact , a very similar story is going on in indian television serial, right now,
about the same story, the head of the family
totally resisting the use of money,and fighting against the use of such money,lottery money,
the family very greedily wants to spend for their dreams,

Steve Chandler

....I am sure you are RIGHT! I bet there are some people who do not do poorly, and I'd like to think you would be one of them.
A recent study I read showed that over 74% of people who won, when surveyed five years later, wish they had not won. But I'm sure some people are glad they did, as you say. My point is really about being addicted to outside fixes for internal problems. I've never seen anyone "do well" with that approach.

Steve Chandler

Fae Queen

There are many people who did well after winning the lottery. Unfortunately, all we hear about are the ones who didn't. Believe it or not, a sudden windfall doesn't ruin everyone's life. I like to think that if I won the lottery, I would be intelligent enough to handle it wisely.

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