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April 25, 2010



- SO JEALOUS!!!!! You did shoot at Hanging Rock!!! It's a dream to shoot a bridal up there! I got miarred not far from there last year, and really contemplated doing some bridals there stellar you have my wheels turning now!

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Sell whatever you can, Steve, because it makes a difference in peoples' lives. I know that because your work has made a difference in mine. If you don't sell it, how will I know about it? The expensive workshops like the one with Michael Neil are inspirations that tell me, yes, I could build a business strong enough so I could go on that one day. It makes me more joyful even though I can't afford it now. Also through Club Fearless I have received so much. Sometimes just the postage on the book, for example, has been more than the club fee for that month.

So thank you Steve and please keep doing what you are doing.

best wishes,


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