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July 19, 2010


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There are a lot of extraordinary people we can all learn a lot from. Not just those famous people we can always see on television. When I went to church yesterday, we had this pastor from Uganda who continued to share the gospel even if he was attacked and his face was destroyed by other people. It's inspiring to keep on learning from these people.


Here are some fallacies in Pavlina's self-proclaimed faoums article Do It Now where he claims to graduate in 3 semesters with 2 degrees and advises other people to do risky things like overload their credits to 3-4 times the average courseload and work a full-time job while doing it:- Pavlina claims he has lots and lots of AP credits in one of his articles. These are basically college credits received in high school. With the number he had, most people can graduate in 2 years or less.- He went to college for a year at UC Berkeley and earned one year of credit. This further reduced his workload.- He went to a school that accepts CONVICTED FELONS. It obviously wasn't very rigorous or hard!- His degrees were in computer science and math. They have the same requirements mostly. If you're doing computer science, you don't need to many extra credits to get a degree in math.- His degree was in computer science and he himself claims to have been programming since the age of 10! Obviously it wasn't hard for him when he was competing in classes against other convicted felons who were new to programming computers.- He provides absolutely NO PROOF. - And much more.Steve Pavlina is a sorry excuse for a human being and it's really a shame that some people followed the above advice..


Way to go Scott. Your a wonderful guide, I eeojynd learning and working with you as guides in the past. There couldn't be a more professional Leader on the job!!! Scott teaches, traines, shares stories, and has a heck of alot of FUN!!! While keeping upmost safety for the group at hand at all times.

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That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful.*

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excellent article on reorganising life, thru systems and synergy,very scientifically proved, thank u steve ,
thank u buckminister

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