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July 28, 2010



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Love the information. I know I need to get oraegiznd to JV in the future after I get some take care of some Indians first. Thank you for the info. Love your JV with Sabrina. You ladies are the best with the information, support, help etc. Thank you for both being so inspiring. Have a great day.Keep posted on new info.


HA HA HA! I loved this. BTW, I am a spin teacher as well. I teach 2 5 AM cslases. I am social but not perky and no one yells Whew! and Woohoo! (thank goodness). We aren't all like Lisa G. LOVED your post. And btw, the sore rear will go away in about 2 weeks. Keep at it, it gets better!


Oh my goodness!!! I toatlly felt like I was there in the class and feeling your pain. That is so freakin' hilarious! You really have a way with words. Good luck with the many future spin classes to come. So glad you wrote about this before I took a class. I will be sure to start out with the 45 min one for sure. Love your work by the way!


This also applies to a student's life. Sometimes you can really work or study better when you organize things in your life.

Dr, John Zipp

You are so right. One of my challenges in life is not being congruent. I teach others how to be healthy and have less stress. The stress part I am good at, the healthy part not. Being a doctor also, it would seem that I would know the consequences of not eating well, yet I still go for the quick meal, the fast food fix. I have thought recently how much better my life would be if I really worked on getting more congruent in my life. I appreciate your post for reinforcing that idea.


hi steve...
i've recently discovered your work, and eagerly kindled a few of your books so i can take you with me on my current journey of self re-discovery. while i take full responsibility for whatever part my "story" plays in what i'm about to say, i literally couldn't sleep if i didn't honor myself by making this comment.

in your books, i'm finding your stereotypical presentations of people of color very distracting. for instance, of all the things that could be said about hurricane katrina, you presented a story that could only underscore the views of those who believed the people of new orleans somehow deserved what they got because they were ungrateful negroes who, of course, had entitlement complexes and wanted hand-outs. it's bad enough what happened, but to see those people re-victimized by those who are certain, i'm sure, the issues with the Black poor are due to their inherent laziness... it diminishes your message, at least in my ears, especially when i have to read story upon story of your white superheroes of thought and action. if i read another elvis story by you, jeez...

i came to your site hoping to find things to balance things out, and one of the first quotes i find is about lazy welfare recipients. though the majority in this country are white, it seemed to play into my (possibly false) image of you as a dumb racist who only knows Black people by their jersey or prison numbers. that all the images on the site are of white people is no biggie, because at least iyanla vanzant is mentioned! i dunno, i'm certain a majority of your audience sides with you, so feel free to file this under "angry black chick who doesn't matter," but know that there's one lady in new york who regrets putting money into the pockets of someone who uses his voice and influence to repeat the stale tales of great white men. at least research them before regurgitating them. i was forced to study the stories of the great white american heroes - weren't you?

by the way, elvis presley stole "hound dog" from big mama thornton, a Black woman. i get how impressed you are with his "owning" it so passionately, but he was doing 20 to 30 takes trying to sound like the Black artists he copied from, not because he was so committed to helping you rock out. why don't you profile some black people who, though constantly maligned and mischaracterized, still approach the world with love and hope. we do exist, ya know?

(i'm aware that came off bitter, and i'm tempted to revise it so it goes down easier. but since i'm forced to read entire books of your lopsided perspective, i think you can handle one comment).

Richard Ingate

Thanks for the book suggestion. I've ordered it and look forward to working it.


Very inspiring blog!

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