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July 05, 2010



TIM:If you enjoyed the image you made and the cemomnt from Steve Casey you must see a copy of John Margolies' new book Roadside America . I have known John for 35 years and his dedication to images pf the USA are amazing. When I meet you on Monday I will discuss it further. I too love the image you have made on your travel cross country to you abode in NYC.Mel


I love it, we were both on an alternative Christmas tree serach this weekend, i made one out of doilies. I love vintage patterns, but can't readily find them, you're right, the color is perfect! and the cost....priceless!Carol


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Wow, you are very thorough! Thank you for all the links. What a gegoorus Gull. Can't imagine what it's doing in this neck of the woods though. I thought your pictures were great. At least you were able to SEE the Gull in person! Sharon


You're amazing Heidi!! It was a lot of fun can you tell we were giginglg through the whole shoot?? Gary deserves some credit too, after all he was the one who got stuck holding the balloon and my pink purse!


ALi jan, that is a heck of a lot for ONE MAN in a YEAR:) Bravo my friend isn't it amaizng how we don't see all that we do and being put down on a list as such just brings it into a much clearer and wider perspective..aye?!!! Best wishes to you and many more new/happening/ongoing projects to follow


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