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September 29, 2010



What a wonderful adetrvune and great find.Now you have to find out who the caretakeris a new cousin perhaps? So many oldcemeteries are overgrown and intended. Evenones attached to or near churches. The Cretecemetery in Crete, Illinois is one example.When I was there 25 years ago my 3rd great-grandparents grave marker was clearly visibleand level with the ground. Now all that canbe seen is several letters of Clarissa Keeney'sname (ISSA) and nothing of her husband northeir birth/death dates. Sad.


I could definitely see Steve as a fiohasn photographer, using an iPhone as his tool because leicas, canons, nikons and sony aren't simplified enough for him.all his photos i could imagine, would look bland, boring and tasteless yet people would pay lots of money for his photographs.


Have you guys ever seen pirates of siolcin valley. That guy was poppin acid all the time. I'm not sure how good his life advice is.


Your carnium must be protecting some very valuable brains.

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I've seen the opposite, where parents put their kids into private school kindergarten to get them in a year earlier than the school district would have allowed them. This ended up with a six year old in my second grade class. She wasn't ready.

It really is something that should be considered on an individual basis. My sister was eligible for kindergarten based on her birthday when we lived in California, but when we moved, she ended up being more than a year younger than her classmates for the rest of her schooling. My mom wishes that she had kept her out another year.

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I get so much out of this blog. Another outstanding post. I am someone who relinquished his creativity for fear -- now I'm taking it back. Such a great lesson -- the problem isn't "out there." THANK YOU Steve

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