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November 09, 2010



Excellent video. Funny I just started juniicg too and Kris Carr and her Crazy Sexy Diet book were what inspired me. I'm sipping my second green juice of the day while I type this.I have the Breville Compact Juice Fountain as well and no complaints so far. This is my first Breville product. I find it to be a thoughtfully produced product. They thought of a lot of useful extras to make using the juicer easy, like the pulp scooper which doubles as a scrub brush for the filter. The electrical plug has is designed to easily unplug the apparatus from the outlet. The collecting cup's lid fits perfectly around the juice spout making juniicg drip free while it also helps to separate the foam from the poured out juice. I'm very pleased with this and it has enabled me to follow Kris's 21-day Adventure Cleanse including all day juice fasts (i.e., I've used this machine a LOT in the past 11 days!)


The Norwalk juicers are lrtieally the best and you get the most juice out of them.You might not want to use plastic in your juices . for example if you juice grapefruit, onion, and ginger root all in one cup . that will break down the plastic rather fast so USE GLASS.


I also have an 8003. I have juiced for 30+ years and this is the qeeutist I've ever owned. Still have a Champion, an Acme, a Breville, etc. This is the juicer I use in the morning because it's the least intrusive. BTW I never force produce through as you do; I use light pressure and let the auger do the work. My 8003 doesn't sound anything as noisy as yours do. Glad you like it.

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