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December 09, 2010


Steve Chandler

Thanks, Ernie.....I'm glad my prayers that all photos of me weighing over 200 pounds disappear are being answered. Amazing how creative the universe is, if we would only ask.

Thanks for recommending your coach....coaching, when it's good, changes lives and even people's finances in a very positive way...I have been a test case for that.....

Say high to the young genius friend of mine Sam Beckford and don't let the music die.....


Ernie Mansfield

Hi Steve! I am a huge fan of yours, I listen to your audiobooks almost every day. I even met you at a Sam Beckford seminar, and had a photo taken of you and me (which mysteriously disappeared!). Anyway,,, the Art Saves Lives post is very interesting. I teach music, and it is such a joy to work with kids every day, being creative. In a sense, they are teaching ME! BY contrast, many of my adult students are very hard on themselves, and I work at helping them to feel OK just to express themselves and have a good time.

PS. The reason I am contacting you tonight is that I was listening to on of your audiobooks where you said you keep a list of recommended coaches. I would like to recommend a coach in my area (Oakland, CA). Her name is Michele Molitar of Nectar Consulting.

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