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December 01, 2010



that I felt that I had breast ccaenr becasue I AM so strong and that no one close to me would have to go through it that I have it covered. But now I see where I got my strenght. I am going to share this video with my Dad so he knows that his dreams are still alive and although he might have to fight a little harder, I believe that he has the strength to do it! Live your dream and wear your passion.

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so well@!That's the answer, and always has been the answer. You'll find your truth, not by believing, but by experiencing that your grandmother was right. Busy hands are happy hands.


The concept of ccpinsraoy is neither stupid or smart. The suggestion that Microsoft has an organized movement to digg down Linux items -is- stupid as it makes no sense -and- there is no proof.On the flipside the statement that Slashdot moderators have deleted many Linux related news submissions is merely a statement. That's not even a ccpinsraoy. Just the way it is. You can draw your own conclusion based on that.

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Thanks for sharing the news about such a wonderful organization.Keep up the great work! Love your blog!


Zack,Thanks for the hat tip. The funny thing is, even as I was reading the first ppagararh of your post, I was feeling a tinge of guilt over the lack of book reviews I've posted of late.


All 4 JR pisze:Red Headed Dumplings(wedding dumplings) with real ham gravy .to die for! My hubby and son reseuqt that every year, so it is our tradition and I do it BEST! Before I met my husband, he never had ham gravy it's his favorite now and he has bragged to his family, and last year I had to make it for them standing ovation!

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I had this website saved a while in the past but my computer crashed.


This is beautiful and empowering. Thank you :)

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