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February 03, 2011



Hi All I've been on extended tvarel so have lots of catching up to do. The responses were great! Set clear expectations upfront, and leave it up to the team to handle the situation. One of the expectations that needs to be set up front is my role as the coach. This creates a fine line when you are also the PM for the project. In terms of solving the problem and determining the group norms it is up to the team to determine what to do and to do it. Assuming the early commitment was made by all members to participate in all the sessions I would note I've noticed some of the participants aren't here (this would actually happen the first time it occured), what's the impact on the team? How do we want to handle it? Assuming a negative impact and the team wanted the members spoken to. I would ask who from the team is going to take responsibility for that conversation? When will that conversation be had by?


if i make a comment about low erengy, it could be construed as a judgment on the team. what's low evergy to me might be thoughful reflection to others. thus, i might ask the team to rate the erengy level and see what the team thinks. if they say it is indeed low, i might then ask them for suggestions on what to do. another break? just not a good day..let's end a bit early? and so on.another idea is to have a couple of exercises up your sleeve to use at times like this. one is, who can ask the riskiest question? or, describe the work of the team using only weather related terms (thank you, val!) or you might split the team into pairs and have them practice asking who can ask the highest number of questions in 60 secoonds, etc.the idea is to get them doing something a/l related but just a bit off topic that might stimulate their thinking and bring up the erengy level a bit.

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