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March 03, 2011



I had a lot of stories 'shortlisted' for an Aussie mag - peubrmasly the same one as Elaine - that never went any further. The new editor suggested that they should be resubmitted to make sur ehe had seen them as he wasn't going to use the same system. I've never had it happen anywhere else - although some mags do hold on to stories for ages with no word at all and it can be rather frustrating.


I've been shortlisted for the same Aussie mag that has been mntoineed before, and those shortlistings seem to have disappeared into the ether. But luckily as that Aussie mag doesn't mind reprints it doesn't preclude sending the stories elsewhere.But I've never had an 'almost' sale with a British magazine. It's always been a definite yay or nay for short stories. With the pocket novels, I have been asked to change things pending acceptance, but that's generally followed by an acceptance.


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Lynn, I probably shloudn't have planted the roadside daylilies where I did. They are way too tall. I just think they are so beautiful and they're free! I also put them in one of the beds in the front and they just don't work there, so I'll be moving more stuff soon.

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Steve chandler

Rejection is a scary story I tell myself around the camp fire. I have to add the sadness to my life for it to be sad. I would read BYRON KATIE or Carol Dweck......I don't want my happiness dependent on the thoughts in someone else's head......nor do I want to be fooled by randomness....

Be blessed,


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