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March 03, 2011



What if you stopped trying to wrap your head around it? What if you just said, "I am forgetting this now ... and keep flipping the coin?"
And what if, you just allowed yourself to enjoy your life - bring laughter into your life and the life of others (men, women, children, rich, poor, old, young - it doesnt have to be just about impressing a woman) and wait for a butterfly to land on your arm?"


March 8 was my 30th birthday. I have never had a girlfriend and I'm still alone. Eight years ago I was rejected by a 4th girl in my life, and after that I've had enough. Eight years of torment and hell and for some reason I'm still here. This why I turned to self help books and Steve Chandler. So I know a thing or two about rejection, but I still can't get my head wrapped around it. When you get tails and heads, you know what to expect. You know that when you throw a coin and get 101 heads in a row, you will get a tail sooner or later. But when all you have ever got is a head, and have never seen a tail come up, how do you know a tail exists? Why keep trying?

Hank Uhlaender

'Two great forces operate in the mind: fear and faith. Fear is very powerful, but faith is more powerful.' - Norman Vincent Peale

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