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May 13, 2011



. We are constantly thnkiing thoughts, and those thoughts produce feelings (vibration). The Law of Attraction teaches us how to deliberately attract more of what we want (as opposed to unconsciously attracting what we don't). What Losier shows us is that how we feel about something and what we focus upon attracts situations and people with matching vibration. He then gives us tools to raise our vibration, and attract our ideal situation which is exciting! The three-step formula for deliberate attraction is: *Identify your desire *Raise your vibration *Allow it The instructions are clear and simple, and can be performed quickly. Losier provides two case studies, and guides you through the three-step process with worksheets. There is even a webpage listed in the book where you can download additional worksheets. I've read other Law of Attraction books, but something seemed to be missing. I found the process frustrating and disheartening, quite frankly, and gave up on the concept (despite knowing there was truth to it). Losier provides the missing piece through his Clarity Through Contrast worksheet, as well as the Desire Statement. Both of these exercises focus our attention on an ideal, so it's easy to get excited about attracting what you desire. I think this is why so many people have trouble with affirmations: you don't feel good about saying a situation is one way, when it is really another. So while positive thnkiing alone may help with redirecting thoughts, they don't blow our fan , as Losier is wont to say, until those thoughts are accompanied by positive feelings. ~My Personal Experience~ After I read this book (it's a quick read), I printed out the Worksheets online, and completed them as instructed. I knew immediately what I wanted to attract even before I finished the book: my ideal experience writing my first novel. Up until a few days ago, I had experienced huge resistance to writing my novel. I'd get sick to my stomach and procrastinate because I dreaded sitting down and writing. (This process has been going on for well over a year, with my procrastination often lasting weeks or months). Yet, I had an outline, plot direction, interesting characters, and unblocked creativity. In fact, when I actually did write, it went quite well. So what was wrong with me?! This creative angst has been hanging over me , and I couldn't figure out why my willpower wasn't enough. I did all the worksheets

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The only sane thing I have read about the law of attraction!

best wishes,



You're right, Steve. Buying into the "law" of attraction is not only silly, it's destructive.

Steve chandler

thank you Ann

i gree with what you SEE

be blessed,


(I hope to see you in London)

Ann Strong

Wow! Thank you, Steve Chandler, for looking out in the world long enough to notice that this is a place you could make a difference in my life.

In this very moment, I am shifting my focus away from thinking I NEED TO ATTRACT anything and onto strengthening who I am BEING and offering the strength of me where I notice I can make a difference.

Thank you, Steve, for slowing down to serve me in this powerful way! Loving and appreciating you and your commitment to serving.

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