June 11, 2011



How Do You Know You've Reached The Finishline?Each race we run has a finish line. The only way you know you have raeehcd it is when you set a target. Are you running a 100 yard dash or a 5K? Developing a Business Plan will help you determine your finish line. A Business Plan is your roadmap as to how and when you expect to reach your finish line.


gemmyt pisze:I bake a ton of cookies and make a ton of candy. Some of the fatviroes at work and home are white chocolate covered pretzels and you can decorate them up anyway you want. My homemade fudge. Also, don't really have a name for it but you melt some carmel along with some sweetened condensed milk and roll a big marshmallow in it and then roll that in Rice Krispies.I make way too many cookies to mention but you can find all kinds of great recipes on line. Go to allrecipes.comthey have some great recipes.


Love the quote.I am having buinsess coaching and into my 9th week.resolving plenty of issues and moving in the right direction in achieving my 3 immediate goals and 1 secondary goal.looking forward to hearing of your progress

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