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August 18, 2011


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General David Petraeus was so impressed with Seligman's work that he said, "That is a big idea, Dr. Seligman... producing more post-traumatic growth rather than just focusing on post-traumatic stress disorder, and approaching training through our soldiers' strengths rather than drilling their weaknesses out of them."


Thanks much for the words on post traumatic growth; no doubt a message the Universe is working hard to get me tuned into right now, as I just spent my lunch hour yesterday enjoying this TED talk from Amiee Mullins which is really related to the concept of post traumatic growth. I think you'll enjoy it: http://goo.gl/pqRuF

Two of my favorite lines from her talk:
—"Conflict is the genesis of creation. The ability to survive and flourish is driven by the struggle of the human spirit through conflict, into transformation."
—"Adversity is just change that we haven't adapted to yet."


Hi Steve,

I am responding to your mention of a Coaching Prosperity School "scholarship" in tonight's newsletter. Since you didn't mention a specific way to "apply" for this grant, I assume you want us to figure it out ourselves.

I've already sent two quickie emails via other means (i.e., other "contact us" buttons on your various website portals) and this will be my third and last email, as I don't want to be obnoxious. (At least, not without a good reason.)

Normally, in a situation like this, I would pitch my worthiness; the thing is, I'm not actually a life coach, but a professional organizer. However, there are strong coaching elements in the work I do, and I have considered branching out into coaching if things move naturally in that direction.

So I'm not sure if my skill sets make me an appropriate candidate or not, but I do know that this school will help me tremendously, and that even if a fraction of the material applies to my business, I will benefit greatly (and my clients will benefit as well). I admit, I am struggling to get organizing clients, despite being great at what I do, and I am considering going into a different field if I can't figure out how to change things.

I know you can help me, but I'm not sure if I'm the type of student you are looking for. Generally speaking, I am extremely bright, hard-working, creative, ethical, introspective, and willing to be mentored. I contribute well to a group dynamic. And, I'm fun. Maybe not so much in this email, but in most other life circumstances.

So I think I'd make a great student at your Coaching Prosperity School. And as I've said in other emails, I will commit with all my heart to the process if given the chance.

Thanks for your wonderful coaching work.


-Kathryn M.

P.S. I lied...this is the fourth letter I'm sending you on the subject. But comments on a blog are good, right??

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