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September 06, 2011



Hi, Rick,Thanks for the kind words about our library. I hope I can live up to the exttipaecons set by my colleagues!There are a couple answers to your question. First, the very practical answer you should consider as a student, which is to see if Mike has defined exttipaecons for you to ensure you are meeting his requirements.The other answer is probably the more useful, real-world answer. That is in citing sources, your goal as a writer is to enable your reader to easily get back to the information you cite. You do this to back up your points and to help your reader go out and use your sources to learn more. Some pieces of writing are very formal and some are informal, which may depend on audience and location of the piece of writing. Thus, if you are writing a paper for publication or a major thesis (as examples), these are going to be very formal. If you are making a blog post, this might be more informal. Also, the work that you are citing may help you decide what to cite. Quotes from a one-page newspaper article may not really require page numbers since a reader can quickly scan the article. However, it might be a courtesy to your reader to include the page numbers for a quote from a 600 page book so that the reader doesn’t have to skim the entire book to find your quote. In a majority of the pieces of writing we do in our lives, we do not need formal citations, but I would also say that a majority of the time we need to include most of the info that is found in a formal citation: author, year, and source. In all citations, there is a degree of judgment and a degree of audience awareness.Now, for this class and for other classes, you will need to cite sources and use MLA at some point. You may or may not need to cite them in your online posts for this class. However, it isn’t a bad idea to practice and get good at using MLA.Hope this helps, Troy

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Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork was one of those books that came out of nowhere. It was never on my radar - heck, I had never heard of it before, but after seeing it featured on the #fridayreads (a Twitter meme we you tweet what you are reading each Friday) blog... it got on my list and didn't take too long thereafter to get onto my Kindle.


WOW, wonderful stories. Both of them. One of the quotes I got from you Mr. Chandler is "Anything in life worth doing is worth doing poorly". It has become the most motivating quote in recent years for me. It's practically became my motto. It was such an inspiration for me when I first heard it from your recording! I felt like such a failure, no good for anything and I was in such a pain. I wanted to stop. Things haven't changed that much, but this quote helped me to take another step, to keep on going. Thank you.


What a great true story. I just moved to Ft. Wayne from Chicago.....Troy Shondell in reverse I guess. I retired from my profession of 30 years an will be starting anew. This story has inspired me to keep on truckin'....one more step, then one more....Thank you again Steve Chandler!

(and Troy Shondell)

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