September 26, 2011


Bolsos Tous 2009

Hello joypictax, effectiveness, safety, discretion, fast shipping, and -Bolsos Tous 2009 cool pumpkins! my fortification for a second time impair from method or treating, but yummeh candy =) Bolsos Tous 2009.
Good muoruzxb!!


Hey Wolfgang,Unfortunately, most people that never get up off of their hind end to do ainhtyng with their lives want other people to sit there with them. So, their way of justifying not doing ainhtyng with their lives is to tell other people not to do ainhtyng with their lives.


[I must] Destroy the status-quo bceause the “status” is NOT “quo”. The worldis a mess and I just need to RULE it. Any dolt with half a brainCan see that human kind has gone insane,To the point where i don’t knowIf i’ll upset the status quoIf i throw poison in the water main.Listen close to everybody’s heartAnd hear that breaking sound,Hopes and dreams are shattering apartAnd crashing to the ground - Quotes from Dr. Horrible. He took the leap and see what happened. He got everything he ever wanted (well almost).


taka e! so izbegnuvanje na medmuii, bez nivnata poddrska nikoj nema da znae za protestive! luge pa jas sum tamu apsolutno sekoj den otkako pocnaa protestite i gi pratam. edinstveno ako nesto koci vo izvestuvanjeto e toa sto site interesni predlozi koi na tie tribini se davaat se posle 6 porucek, a kaj mene bi iskocile u stampa tek posle 2 dena zatoa vi velam, treba poveke kontakti so medmuiite, tie od odnosi so javnost treba da gi prosleduvaat site dokumenti, flaeri do medmuiite, a ne da se stavaat samo na fb, twitter i sl .pozdrav i SEKOJ DEN VO 6!!!!!


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