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December 12, 2011



I've always been criouus about vibrato and how it is produced. I've always had white tones (what Tim calls straight tones ) which was good for a Bass in a Chorus as they don't want a cacophony of vibratos. I know exactly what it is technically. It is frequency modulation of a note with a little amplitude modulation built in. The latter can be seen on a VU meter vibrating. I've found that the most pleasant vibratos have asymmetrical amplitude modulation. (meter pulses upward)


제가 이해하기로는,복귀 이후에도 가차없이 모멸감을 주었을 겁니다. 그것이 예전에는 자기 생각에 반하는 사람들에게 였다면,복귀 후에는 the best idea가 아닌 것을 주장하며 시간낭비하는 사람들에게 겠죠.본문의 "The best ideas have to win, otherwise good pelope don't stay." 바로 전 문장을 인용합니다.'You have to be run by ideas not hierarchic"

red bottom

you please support this with some proof or you might say some very good reference as I and others will actually enjoy.

Hilary Jeanes

That's interesting. There has just been a programme on TV here in the UK demonstrating the same point about singing featuring the wives of men serving in Afghanistan. Here's an article about them http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/8948378/Military-Wives-choir-Weve-found-our-voices.html. And here is their song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h39vBsiR68.

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