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December 20, 2011



Yes, I believe it was one of Faulkner's last efftors in Hollywood and I'd be surprised if Howard Hawks didn't have a lot of input as well. I have a feeling this interplay between script and source for this film has had its fair share of attention already, but I still think it would be illuminating to see a visualization or have some kind of quantification. The problem I'm having so far is comparing two different formats; the screenplay has the character names before each line, etc. If they were both already encoded in TEI I could probably do something with the dialogue tag to call up the information, but it looks like I'll have to do some sort of workaround which necessitates limiting myself to a particular scene. I could probably get a quick visualization using Voyant if I can set specific stop words for the character names.


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thank u steve for reminding me to be totally professional till 105 and young at heart, irving kahn still is a great motivator,
thank u for inspiring our spirits,

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