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December 30, 2011


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I agree. Like I said the websites hv em for $200 early. Y not do that becuz if u don't get your pair that way or kn reslaee date in stores, you're only screwing yourself and paying even more nw. So I wouldn't really hate on early reslaees that much. Plus I'm sure it'll hv your subs and viewers booming lol (sneakgeekz better back when he started)


I tried to root My Kindle Fire 6.2.2. using KindleFireRootNew622.zip and BurritoRoot3.apk. I can see the batch file (rootKindleFire.bat) failing to isantll BurritoRoot3.bin, I can't find that file nowhere. When I run the Android Police, I have this error popup “please run/dare/local/tmp/rurrito3.bin.When I run superuser I got a white screen with no log information and showing 0 entries .What can I do?I will really appreciate any help, I have run the procedure several times while watching the video and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.I

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Man's wisdom holds the three keys, to open a number, a open letter, a open notes. Knowledge, thoughts, and fantasy is in it.Live the most meaningful people, and not is the largest people live years, but most of the people to the life experience.



Hi Liz,I met you last wednesday at the TOT menetig. I also heard about you from a a friend. I'm just getting my Boresha business started and I was hoping your services might help me get off to a great start. The problem is, I'm unemployed(15 mos now) and have very little funds. I would like to talk with you and see what you recommend and go from there,Talk to you soon,Mary


Hi Liz,I'm actually in the Rancho Cucamonga area and am tniryg to find a group that I can connect with to get a business going on line.Sounds like you're in Temecula which is about an hour away at least. Do you know of anyone in this area that might be helpful to get me started or is that something you can help me with. I've watched several webinars from Matt Carter and Mark Ling whom I respect .but as of yet haven't got anything going online and I know I need a support group!Would love to talk with you more.Thanks for your help in advance.Sally

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Wonderful post .
i love the old american country style about the music .

Margaret Hrushesky

Will you marry me?


That's weird. I was going to post the same exact comment as Trent Fortner: "Wow, just wow!"
Great post Mr. Chandler. It's always good to read your personal stories. I wish there was more.
BTW: is there any way we can track you through Facebook?

Trent Fortner

Wow!! Just wow!!

Thank you for the inspiration to provide another spark for a flame that will rise now!

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