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January 05, 2012



and sadly not only is your hubby not the only man to do those things ... my peatnrr is horrible about them as well. the bathroom that she swore she would drywall so i could paint it? it's still greenboard and bits of peeling drywall tape and bits of mud.*sigh* I like the idea of handing out the soggy laundry!! brilliant!


Hey now. I understand where you are coimng from, but there is A LOT of hard working people out there trying to make a living. People just like you. Don't judge A WHOLE nation from what you see one TV. Come on. If that is the case then the UK is full of royalty snobs, India is full of singing pretties, China is full of sick children, and Russia is full of drunks along with Ireland. The point is, we work hard for what we have. Parents working two jobs to keep their children clothed, fed, and warm. Be nice.


- Thanks so much for these Dean, you were great to have around on the day and we LOVE the potohs! You and James did a fantastic job, and we can't wait to see more of your images from the day. Oh, and thanks everyone for the lovely comments and yes, Mell is gorgeous and I have done well for myself, but no need to go on about it

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Tyler -My post was poorly werodd.My concern is that measuring weight loss as opposed to fat loss or fitness capacity is not a meaningful quantifier.For someone (like myself) who has a significant amount of excess mass to dispose of, being told I'm going to have to *compete* against much thinner persons on a % weight basis is actually discouraging.A measurement of % fat loss would be a much better indicator of improved lifestyle. So would a fit test measuring respiratory capacity, core stability, and muscle performance (sprints, max weight lifts, etc.).Because the competition is supposed to be about lifestyle changes, education, and community building maybe it would be better to not have weight loss as a competition factor. As leaner denser muscle mass builds at the same time the lighter fat burns off, participants may not see a significant change in weight. In some cases participants might even see a temporary increase in weight.As to Fat-Off being catchy, maybe to those who are merely out of shape or with 10 or 15lbs to loose.I would not presume to speak for any obese person other than myself, but a Fat-Off competition that *does not in any way measure fat loss* feels more like being poked in the ribs with a broom handle. A not too subtle reminder of the contempt and disregard the general populace has for people with significant weight issues.Although the competition is designed to promote healthy lifestyle modification in a fun, collegial, and supportive environment for myself and possibly others we're trying to save our lives.Am I being overly sensitive on the issue? Perhaps.I apologize if anyone feels slighted or affronted by my statements. I appreciate that Gangplank even concerns itself with the well being of its community and do not intend to malign or minimize the effort put into organizing this event.

Margaret Hrushesky

Had to laugh at the photo of you on the couch with your pal. Love it.

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