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February 01, 2012



wow wow wow. where do i start with david? lol. number one beofre i go on . im always and forever going to be a fan of his . ever since i saw him, the first day he appeared on american idol. i felll right then and there. but okay now review time cuz you know i could go on and on!this song, i believe was the smartest move in history for an american-idol runner up.its catchy,the chorus gets embedded in your brain everytime you hear it.his voice is perfect for this song.and also its a perfect single because of the CRUSH every fan of HIS has on HIM.but what is really perfect about the song is the going away-ay-ay-ay-ay-ee-ay its the perfect hook. its like a trap for even david's haters.its just goes to show he is WAY more talented than what we knew he was all along. And everyone that doubted him or EVER thought he sung bad is proved DEAD wrong with this song. the vocals are far ore thatn perfect, and david's harmony with himself in this song just leaves me specchless.also another important quality of this song is that it sounds completely gorgous on the piano too .i couldnt help but cry when i heard this song for the first time, because David blew my mind yet again. this song is absoulutely perfect and i wouldnt change a single thing about it .its original AND its david. its a different kind of pop we have never heard beofre . and its deffinantly addicting to everyone!!!!!

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