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March 22, 2012


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fiarfvdmobyw And close to all... -Celine Bags 2012 do infant factor actually isn't all, emotion isn't all. Celine Bags 2012 kcehvvlino

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Mulberry Oslo

Gammel sjarm inspirert av Steam Train Route, Mulberry Bayswater Vesker lansert en ny reiseveske serien Erindring av tidligere romantisk reise, legemliggjørelsen av de tre modellene, slik at du alltid være der feriefølelsen.


Yours is a worthy goal, Mr. Stella. Having now held a tenuerd faculty position for more than a decade, and having never been paid enough to make a serious dent in my accumulation of education loans, let's just say that I, too, hope to croak owing those SOB's a few hundred grand As regards your writing, however, allow me to offer one tuition-free hint: Contra the New York Times and other such linguistically-impaired publications, there is no apostrophe in the pluralization of terms like MFA and SOB. The proper form is MFAs and SOBs. Inserting an apostrophe—e.g., MFA's—changes the resulting word from a plural to a singular possessive.The same applies to terms like the 1960s and ’70s. Inserting an apostrophe—e.g., 1960 s—indicates that the year 1960 possesses something. Adding the to the mix—as in the 1960 s —greatly compounds the problem, grammatically-speaking.Unless you for some reason actually intend such a result, I can see no basis for your replicating the Times' mangling of the language in your own material. Can you?

costume jewelry

I am getting Life Expectancy today. Great suggestion, keep 'em coming.

Rich Procter

Thank you Steve! I am getting Life Expectancy today. Great suggestion, keep 'em coming.

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