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May 14, 2012


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We often understimate the eforft it takes to bring somebody on board from the water. Last year my family and I came across a lady hanging on to a capsized Sunfish sailboat. We had 15-20Kn winds with 3ft seas. Because we were close to a shallow area I stayed at the helm. Even though the lady was slightly built (probably no more than 110 Lb) my wife and daughter struggled to bring her aboard. I was just about to swap places with my wife when they were able to pull the lady aboard. They were both surprised at how much eforft this took considering that my daughter is extremely strong (6'2 competitive rower).Raul


Through the fog of hangover I wish you the best New Year I can imniage right now. I'll wish you an even happier one after some B.C. headache powders, a spicy lunch and a couple of Bloody Marys.Many thanks for all you do.

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Am I doing this right? New territory for me. I HEART grey's, too. Watched it twice, what an epoisde. Packing for beach, what an epoisde to be experienced. Having sisters over to eat tomorrow night, might be an epoisde. I love you!!!!!!!!!MOM


Mr. Long,I read about you on Dr. Stephen Covey's blog today. This can't be a coincidence that I deidced to start my own business last week I am also a big fan of Dr. Covey and Dr. Wayne Dyer. I can't wait to read your new book!! Thank you very much for the inspiration. God bless you.

steve chandler

hey Rich

I love your comment... you are right..... if you
are WILLING and CREATIVE and want to serve people, the opportunity is always there.....


Rich Procter

Outstanding post. Steve Chandler is a hero, on a hero's quest. He always reminds me to stay focussed on the opportunity.

I graduated from college in mid-70's. America was consumed by Watergate. The Rust Belt industries were starting to die. My father's company -- a place where I planned to work -- was starting to fail, and would be bankrupt in 3 years. I was despondent -- where would I find a job? How would I survive? What I didn't know was that, at that exact time in history, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were busy inventing the personal computer, and other geniuses were busy creating the Internet -- two astonishing acts of creativity that literally "reinvented the world," and created millions of jobs. I often think of this when I start to mope. What can I create that will make the world a better place? As Steve so aptly points out, the opportunity is ALWAYS there, waiting for us.

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